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Why Work with Get Fit Plus

You will feel


You will feel


You will feel


“I love this gym! So positive and motivational. The classes are challenging and NEVER the same . The trainers are friendly, approachable, full of energy and never boring! The people who attend GFP are encouraging and always welcoming! I can honestly say I love it!”

Jennifer Meglio

“Before starting at Get Fit Plus, I would start and stop every workout program in the book. Get Fit Plus’ variety of classes, supportive staff and non judgemental philosophy has made me want to work out every day! Highly recommended!”

Brian Reddington

I can’t say how much I love the studio!!! I have tried so many different ways to get in shape and be healthier… I tried a lot of the beachbody programs, but got tired of the same things week in week out. I tried having a personal trainer… I felt like I had tried it all. UNTIL NOW! At Get Fit Plus you never do the same thing twice. The classes are always pushing you and keep you on your toes (no matter what shape you are in)… BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to do the two week trial and to join., I simply wish I had done it sooner!”

Kristina Padelli

By far, the best decision I have ever made for myself! GFP is like no other. The owners and trainers are compassionate, informative, encouraging, and motivating! The minute you walk through the doors, you feel welcomed. The members are supportive friendly, and sometimes a little crazy I have been a gym person for most of my adult life….There has NEVER been a time that I felt as healthy and strong as I do now since starting GFP in June 2015. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” -Lisa


We Provide

Top Level Coaching

Top level coaching to make sure you are working to your potential

GFP Community

The GFP Community to surround yourself with positive motived people

Life Coaching

Life coaching to build a solid mindset to achieve goals & live the life you want

Personal Accountability

Accountability to keep you focused on your goals

Dynamic Workouts

Challenging dynamic workouts to keep you engaged and moving forward

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching to ensure your body is fueled as well as you are working it out