Fitness trackers or wearable technology is quickly becoming the new trend in the fitness world.  Like any new trends they are usually created to solve a particular problem or improve what exists.  My goal for you with this post to make you aware of the benefits of implementing fitness trackers into your life and your training.

The Positives of Using Fitness Trackers

Like any technology or new equipment it was created to solve a problem.  Fitness trackers certainly do that.  There are trackers that monitor sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, pace, GPS, steps, and time.  All of these measurements serve a different purpose for different goals.

Having facts is a great motivator and let’s you know exactly where you stand.  Having an honest unbiased view on your performance will really let you know the direction you are going and if it is on track with your goals. So if you are someone that is motivated by real time feedback you will benefit from this new trend.

They are also a great way to make fitness fun! Being able to compete against yourself or others is a great way to stay motivated, and consistent.  Numbers do not lie! So, if you haven’t been putting the time or the work in that will be represented through your feedback.  I always say achieving goals is about making progress not perfection.  Being able to track your results over a duration of time helps us see trends.  You will have good days and bad days that is inevitable, but being able to look at the overall path not just in the moment is huge!

It is easy for us to get down on ourselves when we mess up or go off course for a day.  But, being able to look at 1 month or 6 month time lapses you will be able to see exactly the trend you are on, and if you are actually making progress.

Tracking Helps You In Your Workouts As Well

So we know the impact of long term tracking, but it also helps with giving instant feedback in the moment of your workouts or activity.  An example of that would be heart rate tracking.  When it comes to getting certain results being in the right heart zone will make a difference.  It will make sure you are maximizing your time to get the best results.

Another example would be pace tracking.  This is great for runners looking to make improvements on their time or make sure they are staying on track.  Sometimes just knowing a little more information can be a huge difference in the outcome.

Now There Is A Whole Wellness Side Emerging

Not only can you improve your performance and results, you can also enhance your overall quality of life.  One significant area is sleep.  This is a huge issue in the United States with a lot of adults not getting quality sleep.  That is the key word there quality.  It is a big difference between getting 7 hours of in and out sleep versus 5.5 hours of a deep sleep.  The second person had less hours but since they experience a higher quality of sleep that actually will improve the quality of their life.

So how does tracking your sleep help? Again when you have good information you can then make better decisions.  You will be able to asses your sleep patterns and see how making different changes to your routine affect you.  You essentially will be able to figure out what will work best to make sure you are getting the most hours of deep sleep.

This Is Just The Beginning For Fitness Trackers

There are so many advancements coming down the road when it comes to wearable technology what we have now is just the tip of the ice burg.  So, if you have not tried implementing anything into your routine yet give it a shot! You might be surprised what you might learn.  Once you have knowledge it is up to you to use it effectively.  Fitness trackers are a tool, and like any tool if you don’t use it how it was intended it will not be highly affective.


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Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover


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