We talk a lot about working towards a big goal and having a goal to always be shooting for. Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing how to actually make that big goal become a reality.
Most people think it is about making a huge shift all at once.  Or only doing “big” things to move yourself forward.  Yes, that might work for a little bit but that will be gone quickly. Why? because when you are going after a goal it is always about the long game over the short game.
Going hard right off the bat will just burn you up. It is not sustainable to keep that pace. Once you feel that burn out your will back off, lose momentum, and then stop all together.  It is not about achieving it over night it is about making sure you DO achieve it.
What do you do instead to hit your goal?
The 1% rule! That is basically a mindset that each day I will do one thing that will move me closer to my goals.  Just one thing? That seems too little right? That is the point! Narrowing in on what is important to make progress and just doing that will actually allow you to produce more without becoming overwhelmed.
A 1% shift each day will compound over time to one day achieving your goal.  Moving forward at this pace is enough momentum to keep you feeling engaged, and on track.  It does you no good at all to go nuts for 3 weeks and then stop.
Literally break it down with the end in mind.  Know where you want to be then reverse back to create the plan to get there.  So, you will know what you have to do every day to eventually hit that target.
As an example say you want to be able to do 50 push ups straight in 5 months.  You know the end goal, then you would just need to know your starting point.  Once you have that you can set up weekly and daily goals to hit that 50 mark.  For this example it might mean starting out doing 10 push ups straight a day for the first week, and adding 2 each week after.
The point of showing this example is to demonstrate how a little shift such as doing 2 more push ups will allow you to hit that goal.  It does not take a complete overhaul like some think.  But, you do have to take consistent action to make this work!
What is a 1% action you can do each day to hit your goals?
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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