Suspension training is one thing that has become a mainstay at most gyms centers and for excellent reasons. It has become a super efficient method to torch your entire body, get your heart beating, and build the muscle strength by just using your body weight. These suspension trainers are webbing and ropes that enables you to work against the gravity of your body, and it is responsible for improving your balance as well as the flexibility and building muscle throughout your entire body. For instance, the Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer provides the modern and enhanced features and is also designed aesthetically, in order to make a significantly different from the traditional suspension trainer available in the market today. In this post, I will present some of the reasons why you should use the suspension trainers in your workout.

Suspension Training Improves Stability and Limb Strength

As you exercise and subject your muscle groups to the intense workout routines using the Jungle Gym XT Suspension trainers, your limbs will gain a significant amount of strength, mass and of course, the tone. In the first case, they offer a certain level of natural tension that typically holds the spine in balance. Also, when such suspension trainers well condition the primary muscles, the spine is kept aligned, even as you sleep. The incredible posture or alignment of the spine typically contributes to a perfect circulation, excellent nervous system health, as well as more efficient results.


Suspension Training Is Perfect for Metabolic Exercise

The metabolic training is basically exercising at very high intensity for a brief period of time. In fact, the suspension trainers like Jungle Gym XT is responsible for increasing the rate of body metabolic, which allows you to burn more calories, especially during and after the workout. Using the suspension trainers is one of the most effective techniques of building the strength of your muscles and at the same time, losing a significant amount of weighing compared to the low aerobic workouts like jogging.


Suspension Training Engagement of the Core

During any workout, the often overlooked core area is the muscle group between your shoulders and hips, which usually stabilizes your spine and pelvis. It is wise to note that such muscles are important because they offer a more stable base as well as the foundation for your body to function and move. These suspension trainers force you to engage those core muscles. This makes them maintain correct methods, and of course, the movement cannot be achieved without enabling the core activation.


Suspension Training Enhances the Efficiency and Beauty of Your Body

Most weight loss exercises and routines have a lean and efficient elegance compared to other workouts. Once you use the suspension trainers, your body provides the primary resistance, and you have the capabilities of taking your gym anywhere you want. They make the body exercises to perfectly adapt to your body, which is safer, more portable and less expensive compared to sitting under a large barbell on a sweaty weight bench, especially on the public gyms. They can accommodate many weight loss features, mainly by enabling you to adjust their straps to improve the overall tension easily.


In the last few years, the suspension training system has taken all the workout to a new and more efficient level. The Jungle Gym XT system is a suspension trainer that applies your weight as well as gravity, with a primary aim of achieving all the full range motion, by incorporating each group of muscle and the position of your body. Now, due to the overall benefits, our gym has integrated the system into our entire program.  We offer the best suspension program in CT. 


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover

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