From being in the fitness industry almost 10 years now I see to common problem areas that are holding people back.  They are actually two areas that hold people back in the rest of their life as well.  The first one is lack of taking action.  This is huge and for obvious reasons.  If you never take a step forward you will never move forward.  The second is keeping the motivation.  Most people believe this is something that just happens naturally which in lies the mistake.

Taking Action Now

When it comes to taking action most people are so afraid of what could go wrong they refuse to see the other side.  The side where you push out of your comfort zone and be persistent in your actions towards your goals.  Even if you don’t hit your goals by taking action you are closer and you have LEARNED what will and will not work.  That is such valuable information and information you will only receive by taking action.  You can plan all you want, but no amount of planning will replace real time experience.

So how do you get over that fear to take action?  Start with small wins! You can’t expect to make a complete mental shift right away.  Start with something small like creating a morning routine for yourself.  Make some progress on that and go through the process of what really works for you and what doesn’t.  Feeling accomplished through that will make it easier to keep taking those first steps.  Then you have to ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if I put myself out their or really make a go at what I want?  Chances are it is not terrible it has just been built up in your head to be worse.  Becoming at peace with the worst case scenario will also allow you to free yourself.  Think about it if you know what the worst possibility is and you are ok with it what will stop you from going all in? NOTHING!

Keeping Your Motivation

Once you start taking your first action steps this is where the second issue comes into play for people.  They get frustrated when their motivation dips and they are not as excited.  Here is a secret this happens to EVERYONE!  There is no possible way you can be 100% motivated every single day.  But there are ways to make sure you have more motivated days then not.  As well as snapping yourself out of a low energy state.

Know Your Why

First thing is first you MUST know your why.  What does that mean? Your “why” is your driver it is your reason for getting up, it is why you put yourself out their.  It needs to be something you have a deep connection to or else it will not be strong enough to pull you through the tough times.  For example when it comes to health and fitness goals you just saying I want to lose weight and that is it will not work.  I promise you will not be bale to stay focused when you feel pressure.  That pressure will come you can count on that, but it is how we prepare for that pressure is what matters.  Now a better example would be I must lose weight to regain control of my health so I can be here to give my best to my children, and to set the example for them.

Now that is powerful and a deep connection.  You know then if you slack off you have that why hanging over you asking yourself is this going to help me improve my health to be around longer for my kids or set the example for them? If the answer is no then you will know what needs to happen then.  Not having that why will not produce that same level of accountability and motivation.

Needs To Happen Daily

Second motivation is something you need to do daily!!! For some reason this is the part  a lot miss thinking one burst of motivation is all they will need.  WRONG! If you want to level up your life you need to be constantly berating yourself with motivation.  From affirmations, putting yourself in positive environments, surrounding yourself with positive people, and cutting out negativity of all kinds are just some examples.  Even myself I where a bracelet everyday that says “I am the storm.” To constantly remind myself I have the confidence to do what needs to be done today to move closer to my goals.  Not to mention I start everyday with visualization of my goals, deep breathing, reading a confidence quote, writing down what I am grateful and excited for.  So as you can see motivation is not something for the lucky it does not just happen you create it!

Get Serious About Your Life

Take one hour (hopefully more) and just spend that time thinking about you and what you want out of life.  Most people never do this but are quick to complain when things are not happening for them.  There is not a successful person out there no matter how you define success that does not do this.  Spend time really thinking about your goals and what you want then ask why do I want these goals, and how will achieving these goals make me feel?  What you are doing there is creating that why and tying an emotion to those goals.  That bond will create that deeper connection you need to be persistent in your pursuit to achieve them.  If you don’t know what you want, why you want it, and how to achieve it then it will not happen.


I hope this helps at least one person to step out and achieve greatness in their life however that is defined.  Go out and pursue the life you want like it matters because it does!  Feel free to comment if you want to know more or have specific questions to your situation.


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover

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