Here we are the start of a fresh new week! I just wanted to send this email to remind you not just on Monday’s but everyday you have the power to shift your future.
All the challenges you have gone through up until this point have come into your life to give the the experience and knowledge to change the course of your life, and achieve the goals you want to accomplish.  But, it is up to you to use that knowledge to make it happen!

In order to use this knowledge you must take ownership!

Everything that happens or does not happen in your life rests completely on you.  By taking ownership of every aspect of your life you look at things differently.  Your perspective will shift from “life is happening to me” to “life is happening for me.”  See how one small change completely changes the meaning of that phrase?

Taking ownership is not easy!

This means you are self reflecting, and looking at your mistakes or weaknesses.  Having the courage to claim those is not an easy task.  It is so much easier to blame it on your kids, your boss, the weather, or any other deflection you can think of.  Is that going to move you forward? Is it going to help you achieve your goals? No, is certainly will not.  The only reason we do that is as an attempt to comfort ourselves for not doing what we should have done.  Don’t hide behind the blaming curtain any longer if you really want to start moving yourself forward.

Take the ownership your life deserves!

With our current affirmation we say after our workouts “be a warrior” fits completely with this. Being a warrior does not mean you are this ruthless person.  It means you vow to take complete ownership of your life and the outcomes that unfold due to your actions.  A warrior can not operate by blaming others for bad outcomes.  They have to go into every battle taking complete ownership of the situation.  When they do that they think on a different level, they move on a different level, and they lead on a different level.
So, just like the warrior if you want to move your life forward, and achieve your goals it always starts with you!
One this Monday and everyday remind yourself to BE A WARRIOR and TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE.
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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