This morning I was reflecting on success, and thinking about what defines success and why people don’t always see the success they want.  It seems to me to always come back to conditioning.  Years of small thinking will lead to small results.

Why do we fear success?

As crazy as that sounds it is the truth.  The ones that become successful in however they define that are the ones that break away from that fear, and fully embrace everything that encompasses success.
But, we fear success because to some capacity it has been written into your subconscious that you do not deserve success.  We are taught to down play our success but share our troubles. If you share your successes you are labeled a show off or have to much ego.  Since we thrive on community and fitting in we will make sure we do things that allow us to blend in with the rest.  Even if that means sabotaging our true potential.
I can bet at some point in your life you had success with something that you were so proud of but talked it down to not make others feel bad, or for fear of facing ridicule from others jealousy.  So, going through this time after time will condition your mindset to think small and maintain that level of comfort to not rock the boat.

So what is the big deal with not having a success mindset?

Not only are you robbing yourself of the life you should be living you are robbing the people around you that would benefit from you going after what you want.  I will use myself as an example. When I started Get Fit Plus I only did private training and it was a small comfortable business that helped a small amount of people.  I could have very easily kept it the way it was just cruising a long.
But, that would have limited my potential and severally limited the amount of people Get Fit Plus could help.  It is my responsibility to expand Get Fit Plus to help more people.  By not doing that I am neglecting the people that will benefit and shift their lives with our program. This is not ego thinking or show-ism. This is understanding my purpose and fully stepping into it.
No matter what the end goal is the same mindset is needed.  Especially with health and wellness goals.  Thinking big towards your goals like weight loss will help you understand the full picture, and understanding how you losing weight will set a chain affect into action.  By you loosing weight you will feel better and more confident which will set the example for your family.  When you have more confidence you will create better relationships at home and at work.  You will shift the lives of your spouse, your kids, and friends all because you decided to move forward with a success mindset and take action.

Success is not comfortable!

Like I stated earlier by adapting this thinking it will mean you are going against the crowd mentality.  You can not have comfort and growth at the same time it is one or the other.  Don’t shy away from your goals and feel like you don’t deserve to achieve them.  Instead start saying to yourself everyday it is your right and responsibility to achieve success.
It’s the butterfly affect by you changing your thinking it will impact your life and so many others!
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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