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Program Descriptions 

At GFP, our small group training sessions are designed so that anyone at any fitness level–beginner, intermediate, or advanced­–will be challenged to push themselves to their limits and to achieve full mind and body wellness. We cap our session sizes at12-14 people in order to ensure that our quality stays high and that each person gets a workout optimized for their individual ability level. Each class is unique in its structure, and all are intended to target different muscle groups and build various skills in order to give you a balanced and effective workout. Currently, we offer 8 diverse sessions: BOSU Core Strength, Medicine Ball Blast, GFP Burn Off, GFP Speed & Agility, GFP Strike, Suspension Boot Camp, Performance Circuit, and Power Hour. Each session contains a warm-up and cool-down, and although each workout is very different, they are all designed with common goals in mind: to tone your muscles, strengthen your flexibility, increase your energy, build your endurance, grow your confidence, and support your mental health. Check out descriptions of our unique small group training sessions below, and be sure to contact us with any questions or to set up a welcome meeting!

Battle Bell

(45 Minutes)

Battle Bell focuses on strength, power and establishing a strong body. This will be achieved through using Kettlebells and Battling Ropes.  It’s well-known that compound, whole body movements typical of kettlebell exercises are superior to machines that isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition, and strength. Further, kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.  This session will show you that you are capable of doing more then you know!


GFP Burn Off

(45 Minutes)

GFP Burn Off is 45 minutes of challenging and dynamic exercises that use only your own body weight to increase cardiovascular health, sculpt and tone muscle mass, and strengthen physical and mental endurance. During a Burn group training session, you can expect to see a variety of cardio and strength exercises that will push you to the limit in order to tone the muscles in your arms, abs, and legs. One thing is for sure when you take a Burn class: you will leave feeling stronger, more in control of your body, more empowered, and very sweaty!


GFP Speed and Agility

(45 Minutes)

GFP Speed & Agility is a group training session that focuses on boosting your cardiovascular health and increasing your general agility. Each and every S&A workout is designed by our coaches to be creative and fun, and you will constantly find yourself using different muscle groups to engage and challenge your body in unique ways throughout the 45-minute long session. During any given speed & agility workout, you will push yourself to break personal records, achieve individual fitness goals, and have an awesome time.


GFP Strike

(45 Minutes)

GFP Strike combines the liveliness of a heart-pumping cardio workout with the intensity of a high-energy boxing routine. Throughout this 45-minute long group training session, you will implement various boxing and kickboxing maneuvers, as well as different strength training and cardio exercises, in order to tone muscles, increase fitness, and–importantly–relieve stress!


Suspension Strength

(45 Minutes)

GFP’s Suspension Strength class delivers a full body, 3-dimensional workout like you’ve never experienced before! During this 45-minute long group training session, you will use suspension straps hung from the ceiling in order to tone and strengthen your chest, arms, back, core, and legs. In any given suspension workout, you can expect an optimized mix of upper and lower body training exercises, all of which are designed to boost your strength, build your endurance and precision, and leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished.


Performance Circuit

(45 Minutes)

Performance circuit is a powerful fitness challenge that combines cardio, strength, and fitness training into one 45-minute small group session. During performance circuit you can expect to see a variety of different exercises organized into 30-60 second stations, once you complete one station, you move on to the next. Every exercise during a PC session is designed to target different areas of the body and test your physical and mental toughness. Because there are so many workout variations, you can be sure that no two sessions of performance circuit are ever the same!


“I can’t say how much I love the studio!!! I have tried so many different ways to get in shape and be healthier… I tried a lot of the beachbody programs, but got tired of the same things week in week out. I tried having a personal trainer… I felt like I had tried it all. UNTIL NOW! At Get Fit Plus you never do the same thing twice. The classes are always pushing you and keep you on your toes (no matter what shape you are in)… BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to do the two week trial and to join., I simply wish I had done it sooner!”

Kristina Padelli

Membership  Options 

Group Membership Options
  • Starter membership- 8 group sessions p/month
  • Progress membership- 12 sessions p/month
  • Success membership – Unlimited sessions p/month
  • Online app account & coaching included

Private Training Memberships:
  •  6 – 45 minute personal training sessions with bonus 6 group sessions
  • 12 – 45 minute personal training sessions with bonus 8 group sessions

Mastermind Program:
  • Comes with monthly meeting, guest speakers, access to outings, online group

Nutrition Membership:
  • Comes with custom tailored meal plan, shopping lists, and monthly check ins

*Contact us directly or schedule your free strategy and group session to learn about program pricing.

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