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Our Services 


We Specialize in Lifelong Transformations

We have helped hundreds people over the past 8 years looking to establish healthy lifestyles, feel confident, and regain what they once had. Our programs are designed to get you results.  Now it’s your turn to start your transformation.

Semi-Private Training

Get Fit Plus

With our semi-private coaching program you will receive the best of both worlds! The custom approach to private training, and the positive energy from group.  How private training program is completely focused on you right from the start. We take the time to really get to know you by starting with a strategy session.  In the strategy session with your coach they will be able to learn more about you and your goals, run you through a fitness assessment to see what your starting point is, and begin to create your custom program to take you from where you are to where you want to be!


Small Group Training

Get Fit Plus

Our small group training is completely dynamic and always changing.  You will never experience two workouts the same! Which means getting bored is not even possible! Our coaches design each workout based on who is in each session, and always provide beginner to advanced options.  This is not a cookie cutter group program, we make the workout fit to you not the other way around. Our small group sessions max out at 16, but typically average around 10-12. We do this to make sure our service always remains at a high level for each warrior.


Youth Warrior Program

Get Fit Plus

Our youth program is right in line with our core mission of empowering people.  We want to build the confidence of our youth warriors. This program is not another youth athletic performance program.  In fact, we are more focused on those that do not play sports, but still want to be apart of a community. This program is built around teaching kids the importance of exercising and how it can be a fun part of your day to look forward to.  This program is for ages 11-14, and right now is offered every Wednesday from 5-5:45pm. Reach out to us if you are interested in having your child participate in a workout!


Recovery System

Get Fit Plus

At Get Fit Plus we not only take our workouts to the next level we also do this with our recovery! It is great to be able to get a powerful workout in but if you are not doing what is needed to recover properly you will find yourself down the path of burnout or worse injury.  This is why we are proud to offer Normatec recovery systems. These powerful systems will enhance your blood flow through your muscles which will speed the recovery process, and keep you moving! Want to learn more? Check out our blog post on how this works!



Get Fit Plus

When it comes to nutrition it is about doing what works best for your body and lifestyle.  We don’t believe if forcing you to adapt to a certain eating style if it is not in sync with you.  This is also why we offer different approaches to this part of the process. We have out online nutrition program that allows you to design your program based on you and your goals, we provide nutritional coaching and accountability to make sure you have the support you need, and we also partner with Kettlebell Kitchen to provide healthy cooked meals ready for you to pick up.  So, not matter your goals or lifestyle we have a solution for you to move forward!

[trx_quote title=”Kristina Padelli”]“I can’t say how much I love the studio!!! I have tried so many different ways to get in shape and be healthier… I tried a lot of the beachbody programs, but got tired of the same things week in week out. I tried having a personal trainer… I felt like I had tried it all. UNTIL NOW! At Get Fit Plus you never do the same thing twice. The classes are always pushing you and keep you on your toes (no matter what shape you are in)… BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to do the two week trial and to join., I simply wish I had done it sooner!”[/trx_quote]
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Membership  Options 

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  • Starter membership- 8 group sessions p/month
  • Progress membership- 12 sessions p/month
  • Success membership – Unlimited sessions p/month
  • Online app account & coaching included
[trx_price_block style=”2″ title=”Private Training Memberships:” money=”GFP” currency=”” align=”left”]
  •  6 – 45 minute personal training sessions with bonus 6 group sessions
  • 12 – 45 minute personal training sessions with bonus 8 group sessions
[trx_price_block style=”2″ title=”Mastermind Program:” money=”GFP” currency=”” align=”right”]
  • Comes with monthly meeting, guest speakers, access to outings, online group
[trx_price_block style=”2″ title=”Nutrition Membership:” money=”GFP” currency=”” align=”left”]
  • Comes with custom tailored meal plan, shopping lists, and monthly check ins
*Contact us directly or sign up for an orientation class to learn more about program pricing.

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