This goes against what most will say is the most important factor when it comes to your health and fitness goals.  Most fitness professionals will say something like it’s 80% nutrition 20% workouts.  Yes, nutrition is important and so is moving, but what comes above both of those is MINDSET.  I will bet everything that if your mindset is not right you will not make the right nutrition choices, and you certainly will not make yourself workout.  Both of those components become useless without a proper mindset in place.

Nutrition Isn’t First?

Again don’t mistake this for now you can eat whatever the hell you want.  Not even close!  What I am saying is you can literally have the best nutritionist in the world write your the holy grail of eating plans, and it will mean absolutely nothing if you are not in the right mental space to actually take action on it!

I’m sure you have experienced this at some point trying out different nutrition plans or diets without success.  We have all been there.  I can bet it will always come back to self sabotage.  It is rarely an issue with the program itself (unless you are doing some crazy crash diet), but we like to think it is the program because it is so much easier to blame something else then to take a cold hard look at ourselves.

How Do I Build The Right Mindset

Well you first need to realize it comes back to self reflection.  You need to identify what is holding you back from completely following a plan.  Success with your health and fitness goals is very simple really.  You follow the plan your coach designed for you and presto you have success.  But, unfortunately we make it more complicated then that.  We bring into the picture limiting beliefs, insecurities, and fears that clog up the process.

So, you first need to be very honest with yourself. What is blocking you? Once you get clear on that then you can begin to work on correcting that sticking point.

Knowing Your Why

Now that your are working on correcting your hold ups, it then becomes about defining your why.  Why is it important for you to improve your nutrition and workout more? This must be detailed and clear.  The clearer you are with your why the easier it is for you to stay focused.  As an example say your why is “I must improve my nutrition to lower my blood pressure so I then can make sure I am healthy to see my kids have kids” That is a powerful why with emotion tied to it.  It needs to be powerful if you say just to be healthy I will promise you when life tests you (and it will) you will lose your focus.  Define your why and make sure that is what you think about before you go to bed and when you first get up!

Bringing It All Together Now

Are you seeing the bigger picture now? That is not not just about finding the right nutrition program or workout it is about getting your head right!  Once you are no longer battling against yourself and you have a clear purpose for your actions it will feel so effortless.  It will seem like things are just clicking for you.  They definitely will be! Because you addressed the issue from the root and worked up from there.  Having that solid foundation will set you up for long term success.

It will no longer become a debate to decide what to it, or if you should have that cookie or not.  You will know exactly what is in align with your goals.  You will make better nutrition choices without following some crazy plan.  Your workouts will become more enjoyable with higher intensity because you know your purpose.

If you are finding you keep bouncing around from program to program and you can never stay committed, it’s not the program it’s you.  I encourage you to really think about that and what is really going on here.  It is scary at first, but so necessary to make real progress.


If this is something you need help with don’t hesitate to reach out I am happy to help in any way I can! It is easier to work on establishing a proper mindset with an outside perspective.


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover


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