When it comes to life the relationships we create and the impact we leave is what it is about.   In order to build strong relationships and achieve big goals you must be making regular deposits in order to receive.

Making Deposits In The Emotional Bank Account

In order to build strong relationships that produce great things for everyone you need to build up the emotional deposits.  What does that mean? It means that you need to be approaching each relationship with the perspective of how can I add to this other persons life.  What can I do to help them or be there for them.  When you build relationships from a giving stand point versus a taking it will always lead to stronger more fulfilling relationships that our souls crave.

When you show people you are not looking to just take that will open up the back and forth flow of giving.  It will always come back to you and when it does be ready to receive it.  The reason most people do not build relationships like this is because it takes time and effort.  There is no instant return and you never know when it will come back to you either.  But when it does it will be of a far greater magnitude then a shallow superficial relationship.  So, are you in relationships whether it be personal or business expecting things from people, but not receiving? When was the last time YOU made a deposit?

Achieving Goals Comes At A Price

Along with building relationships going after your goals in life also require a give and receive mentality.  It is sad with the world we have today so many people are stuck on instant gratification and I WANT IT NOW MENTALITY they will never truly achieve what they they are after.  In order to reach the success you desire you must be willing to give or SACRIFICE.  You can not expect to sacrifice nothing and achieve your goals.  That is like saying you want to live healthier and stronger but you barely workout and you refuse to change your diet.  That is the definition of a taker mentality.  The universe will not provide for those unwilling to contribute.

Now if you said you want to be healthier and stronger and you sacrifice going out to eat all the time, you get yourself to your workouts, and you give up sugar you will see the return.  Everything in life is about giving before receiving.  So, if you are quick to say I don’t have time, I won’t give up my wine, or I will keep eating chocolate every night then you can expect to not achieve your goals.

The Secret To Living Is Giving

This is such a powerful statement and so true.  I promise you that if you start approaching everything in your life with the attitude of what can I offer or give you will see things completely shift.  You will build stronger healthier relationships, actually achieve goals you want, and have opportunities come your way you once thought were a dream.  Taking is such a low energy activity, but giving brings you to a peak state and feeds your soul..  When you are in a peak state you attract that higher level energy into your life.

If you want to attract more positivity into your life it starts with YOU!

Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover

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