With the fast pace of the world today, and all the different areas we are being pulled it is so important to make sure we are focusing on being efficient and purpose driven.  Without that focus it will lead to feeling overwhelmed and wasting your valuable time.  One of those areas where being efficient will maximize your time and results is working out.  This is where the full body approach is the clear winner.

No Bicep Curls?

We need to move away from the idea of isolating muscle groups for a couple reasons.  Unless you are a body builder and that is your goal focusing on only one muscle is a complete waste of your time.  It is just not practical when applied to everyday life.  For example if you go to pick something up (which is something everyone does everyday) are you only using one muscle? No, so why workout in a way that does not replicate real life?

It can also cause imbalances throughout the body.  Inevitably we all have “favorite” body parts we like to workout so that will lead to over training those areas and under training the least favorite areas.  It can also lead to various injuries from over working a specific muscle.

But, the biggest issue is how much a complete waste of time it is. In the same time you did bicep curls you could have been doing pull ups which is working your core, shoulders, back, and arms.  Which would you rather do?  Our muscles are designed to all work together, and working out should be no different.

Burns More Calories

If this is one of your goals then not doing this is completely going against that.  The more muscles you are using at one time the more muscle fibers being engaged, and the more calories you are burning. Which is why kettle bell training is so highly affective in building lean muscle and burning calories.  Literally every movement is engaging multiple muscles, requires strength, stabilization, and gets the heart rate pumping! So take a look at your current workouts are you just running on the treadmill or bike? Possibly isolating muscle groups? Can you see how this approach will drastically improve your results?

Maximize With The Full Body Approach

First off you must always start with a warm up.  This is what primes your body to get ready for what is about to happen next.  Skipping this will definitely lead to injuries down the road.

Warm up: Complete 2x in order

Jumping Jacks -25

High Knees -25

Heal Kicks -25

Leg Kicks -15 per leg

Body weight squats -20


Alternating Lunges -12 per leg

Pushups -15

Superman holds -25 seconds

Over head Squats -20

Close grip pushups -10

Dumbbell rows- 15 per arm with appropriate weight

Bear crawls – 1 minute

Plank – 1 minute

Complete in order 3 times resting for 1 minute between each rotation. Finish with stretching!

In a half hour you can bang this full body workout out and hit every area in your body.  Versus being there for an hour only doing two muscle groups.  Maximize you time and make the switch to full body training!


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover

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