Ego is an interesting thing.  It can cause us to do things that won’t help us just to keep the ego thriving.  There are also good benefits to having some ego, but being able to keep it in check and not block yourself from growth is crucial.  To do this looking at life from a perspective of wanting to know more and taking the time to invest in yourself will change the game.

Do you invest in yourself?

I know 6-7 years ago I didn’t do this I didn’t understand the value of investing in myself, and  I just saw things as an expense of my time and money.  Letting my ego get in the way thinking “I can do it myself” have you thought this?  I would say to myself other people have done it so can I!
I was quickly humbled when I realized how hard it is, how little I knew, and that all those people that I thought did it by themselves absolutely did not! They had a team of people around them supporting their journey.  They also invested into resources and time to continue the growth process, faster then they could ever do on their own.

Let the growth happen!

So now I was opening myself up to a new world of learning.  I realized there are people out there that have spent the hours in learning what I wanted to learn, so they would shorten the learning curve for me.  Moving me forward at a faster rate.  Yes, getting coaching and going to events does cost money BUT stop looking at it as an expense and start seeing it for what it is.  An investment in YOU!
I started small, I remember getting my first coach I worked with $800! At the time that was HUGE to me.  But I did it and the return was amazing.  Having clarity, focus, and a plan to move forward! Then from that point on I was hooked.  I am always looking to get better coaching and only surrounding myself with the best to raise my standards.
This past year I have spent around $15,000 and well over 600 hours on personal growth. Did I have that money or time to easily do that? NO WAY! You can’t wait for things to be perfect to move forward.  You start with what you can and build up from there.  But, as you all know from us preaching it you can not grow if you stay within what feels comfortable.  I share this with you not to show how much I spend on this but to show you what it takes to keep learning and growing.  This is the best money and time I could have ever spent.  When you stop investing in yourself you stop growing, and when you stop growing you stop living.

Putting skin into the game!

When it comes to the flow of life it is all about give and receive.  People seem to forget the give part but expect everything in return.  Does this sound familiar? Like the old saying goes you get what you pay for.  That is so true if you are only willing to invest $20 and 5 hours a month into yourself there is no way you can expect what you want to come back to you.
Also, by having more skin in the game you will be more focused and all of your attention will be on doing what you need to do.  Versus having little or nothing invested you will easily check out and not take it as serious.

So how does this relate to the fitness realm?

In every way possible! Taking care of yourself is a huge investment and your responsibility. All to often I hear people saying they can’t afford it or need to cut “expenses” so there response is to stop investing in themselves.  If you keep looking at taking care of yourself as an unnecessary expense you will never achieve your goals or move forward.
By taking care of yourself and making that investment you will improve your health, stop chronic diseases, be more productive, and mental clarity.
Not taking care of yourself and not making that investment will lead to decreased health, chronic diseases, lack of productivity or motivation, and no mental clarity or stress release.
Which one sounds better to you?  But, we all know this information already it is not anything new I am sharing with you.  Yet people still choose to look at their health as an expense or a “luxury.”  Let’s be honest we are creatures of comfort so most would rather keep their coffee everyday, buying designer items, or eating out multiple times a week over their health.  Those are all TRUE expenses, but are seen as non-negotiable.

Moving a forward!

If you really want to move a head in life get serious about how you view cost verse benefit.  Things you should pay attention to the cost of are things that will not move you forward or improve your life in any way.  Like what I mentioned above those are all nice things but certainly not needed to have a fulfilling life, achieve your goals, and live a quality life.
Things you should look at the benefit for are things that will give back to your life.  They will challenge you, increase your knowledge, and ultimately be a contributing factor to achieving the life you want.  For these things the benefit will ALWAYS out way the cost or investment.
If your excuse for not taking care of yourself is you need to cut back expenses then I am speaking to you, and I challenge you to change your thinking.  I have been there myself I know what it feels like.  Instead cut ACTUAL expenses out of your life and be honest. You will be amazed how things open up for you.
Become an investor and INVEST in YOU! It will always pay you back more then you can imagine!
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
P.S. This is a topic I am passionate about if you couldn’t tell.  I want you to live your best life.  Part of that is learning to get out of your own way and step into what will promote the growth you need to step up to your next level.  If this is something you would like to personally discuss to see how we can shift things in your life just reply back! I would be thrilled to help you step away from your road blocks.  Some reading this will disregard what I am saying, that is fine it’s your choice.  But the ones this speaks to I want to hear from you! What can I do to help you?