When it comes to workout programs there are a lot of ways to go about it.  Unfortunately people are not always choosing the ways that are going to really set them up for success, and be in sync with their goals.  Full body workouts need to be the focus for 99% of the population.  Not body building style workouts.

What Is Full Body Workouts?

What I mean by this is you are working the big muscle groups together as one.  You are not isolating muscles to only hit one at a time.  For example doing bicep curls are only targeting the biceps.  That is great if your goal is to be a body builder, but I can guess it is not which in case doing rows or pull ups would be the better choice.  Why? Because you are engaging more muscle fibers at one time which burns more calories and you are using the body in a more functional way.  Notice how you do things through your day are you ever only using one muscle? NO! When you pick something up, when you move something, or just moving in general you are always using multiple muscles working together to perform the task.  So, why not train the way you live?

What Is A Good Full Body Schedule?

Now when it comes to doing a full body approach you still need to make sure you are balanced and no over training.  There is a couple ways to go about this, but always the most important thing is to listen to your body.  That is really how I do it personally.  If I am feeling like my body needs a rest I give it a rest or if I’m feeling good and I just workout the day before I’ll workout.  Not allowing yourself to decide based on the feedback from your body and just sticking to a program because it is what you read is ridiculous.  Nothing will stop you from getting results and feeling good faster then ignoring your own body.

With that said there are still some scheduling you can do to make sure you don’t over train.  For example you can do a full body workout Monday and Tuesday rest Wednesday then workout again Thursday and Friday.  For most cases it is best to go two days in a row rest then go again.  You can also do three or more days in a row I would just schedule more rest days in.  Typically with the schedule I said with the two days on then off and back on, every 8 weeks I would schedule a rest week to fully let your body heal.  But if you are doing three or more days in a row every week I would schedule a rest week around every 6th week.  Again this will change depending on your body and how you respond, but generally that is the length of time I have found to be able to push yourself and not go into over training territory.

Example Of A Full Body Workout

Here is a template just showing exactly what a full body workout would look like!

Warm up (Very Important) Complete two times through in order

Walking leg kicks 30 sec

Side shuffles 30 sec

Jumping jacks 30 sec

High knees 30 sec

**Workout** Complete in order three times through

Body weight squats – 15 reps

Pushups – 12 reps

Dumbbell Bent Over Rows -12 reps per arm

Mountain climbers – 25 seconds

Alternating Lunges -12 per leg

Dumbbell shoulder press – 12

Superman holds – 25 seconds

Burpees – 15

**Cool Down** Important for recovery

Stretch the hamstrings, quads, chest/arms, hip flexors, and calves hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds!


Implementing a full body approach will step you up to another level of health and fitness.  Break away from the boring unproductive body builder style workouts and start having fun with more dynamic functional full body workouts! Any questions on anything I talked about or the exercises I listed feel free to comment and I will be happy to help!


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover


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