As some of you know Lindsay and I will be getting married next week! Crazy how fast things move in life.  So, this past weekend we met with our photographer to go over our pictures and specifics we want done for that day.
As we wrapped that up our photographer,  told us some AWESOME news.  She was leaving her full time art teaching job to go all in to her photography business!!  The way her face lit up when she dropped this news to us was so refreshing.  Seeing someone come to terms with their purpose in life is inspiring.  It is why we are here after all right? To realize our gift and then share it with the world.
Why am I sharing this with you? To help you see you can do the same thing!  I’m sure you know already what you would rather be spending time on, but whatever story of why you can’t is dulling out that spark.

How do you change this?

By building your confidence in yourself! When you believe in yourself and your abilities you will not second guess what you can do.  Confidence is the most important factor to truly living the life you want.  How awesome would it feel to just be you without any limitations?
This is why Get Fit Plus designed the program the way it is.  To help you build confidence in yourself first! When you lack confidence your health will NOT be where it needs to be, your relationships will NOT be where they need to be, your career will NOT be where it needs to be, and most importantly you will NOT be you true self.
Confidence Is Key!
Don’t short change your life! By completing the challenges we put in front of you every workout you will build your confidence muscle.  Like anything you have to work at it and be consistent.  If you find yourself never taking the harder option or always using the same weight that will not help you build your confidence.  Expand your comfort zone and you will expand your life.
 Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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