This is a HUGE topic with most people when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals.  And rightfully so, since dialing in your nutrition is definitely a key component to achieving success.  Unfortunately there is so much information, and misinformation that it becomes confusing and overwhelming for people.  Reality is we need to get back to the basics of nutrition to be more in tune with our bodies.

Stop The Diet Fad Craziness

There is not a single diet fad out there I would recommend.  Why are we treating our nutrition as if there is some special secret only the few know about? It is absolutely ridiculous to be honest.  All the new crash diets we have coming out every week are people trying to reinvent the wheel and play on your insecurities to purchase whatever they are pedaling at least once.  They do a good job of it too! They know exactly what to say to trigger your pain points, and get you thinking this just might be your solution.

A crash or a Fad diet is just that. Something that is not built for sustainability or long term success.  So can you lose weight on some of these programs definitely! But, is it something you can keep up for the rest of your life? And are you only loosing fat? No you will be losing muscle and in some cases bone density.  It is more then just about losing weight people it is about your true state of health.

Nutrition Shakes And Meal Supplements?

We all know and see these companies everyday peddling the ultimate solution to our nutritional needs.  Again praying on your insecurities and pumping up this belief that their product and only their product can give you all the nutrition you need.  If that isn’t a red flag then I don’t know what is.  In most cases at best you are just going to experience expensive pee.  YUP! Most of what you are paying so much for is going to come out as waste.

Our cellular structure does not recognize nutrients in a stripped down form like they way they come in meal supplement shakes.  Our bodies understand and recognize nutrients from the digestion process of whole food.  So, if you are really looking for the secret, it comes in the form of real whole food.  Stop wasting so much money on ineffective products and focus on eating real food your body will actually use.  Nature has never steered us wrong, we need to stop thinking we are above it.

What should you focus on?

First thing is stop over complicating it and thinking there is some magic plan to make it all click.  Also, start listening to your body more. A LOT MORE! Everyone is different from genetics, ethnic background, and even blood type! So, to think there is ONE plan out there that will work for everyone is a mistake.  We need to be in tune with our bodies and paying attention to the signs it is giving us.  Most health issues can also be prevented when you listen to your body because it is always talking to you we are just so far removed to notice.

I challenge you to start a journal, and write down your process everyday.  Pay attention to how you feel when you get up, after you eat, during your day, and how well you sleep.  Paying attention to those areas will let you know how well you are doing.  Start getting comfortable with your body and what it is telling you.  I promise you by paying more attention to this instead of all the marketing crap out there you will be eating better, and your health will drastically improve!


Live With Purpose, Live With Passion, Live Your Life


Dedicated to your success,

Justin Hanover


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