First of all if you are like me you have days where you are running around like a nut “doing” so much, but by the end of the day you feel like NOTHING got done.  How frustrating is that right? You are grinding all day long to be left with nothing but an empty feeling.  As bad as that is we all set ourselves up for this!

Stop focusing on being busy!

Seems like we all fall into this trap of being “busy” but what does that really mean?  We even say it as if it is a badge of honor.  Like it is something to be proud of.  Being busy is easy you can literally be busy doing anything.  Sitting on your phone looking through your Facebook timeline would qualify as being busy.  Therefore it will never qualify for is being productive!

Moving from busy to productive.

Again if you are like me you have days where you think, man I need a good 3 more hours in this day to get everything done.  Then there are days where I am literally trying to come up with things to do next because I’m in a good flow! What is the difference?  Focusing on being productive over busy.  Being productive means you are only focusing on what WILL actually move you forward towards your goals.  When you eliminate the clutter (the “busy”) from your life you find you actually HAVE the time you need to get done what matters.

Struggling To Find Time?

I bet if you add up all the time in a week you sit on your phone just browsing, watching TV, getting caught up in drama, and doing mindless tasks you will have a minimum of 3-4 hours extra a day to be productive.  Don’t let yourself fall into the time wasting traps that are everywhere.

Becoming more productive today!

To do this you must know your goals first and get clear on your actions.  Once you know your goals make sure you are doing at least two tasks each day that are only focusing on moving you towards your goals,  that should be what you focus on before all else.  Once your priority tasks are done then you can move onto the other tasks that are important, but not essential to reaching your goals.
Go in each day with a plan! The worst thing you can do is wing it.  Failing to plan your days your will result in your days planning you! Life will happen and before you know it all your time will be chewed up with other people’s problems and time wasting activities.  Introduce a planner into your life and literally write out what your focus is for that day.  It will allow you to feel more at ease knowing you have a clear focus each day.
So the next time someone asks how your day is going don’t say busy instead say productive! Shift that mindset and you will get more quality tasks done in less time!
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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