Get Fit Plus

Get Fit Plus is a unique lifestyle program that uses fitness, nutrition, and mindset training to truly allow you to experience breakthroughs.  We do not focus on counting calories, weighing in, or any other society placed normality.  We are humans not machines designed to only act or look a certain way.  So we don’t believe in taking an approach that doesn’t allow you to fully step into who you are.

Everything we do is built around establishing a solid positive mindset and to live in a beautiful state of mind. In order to make that happen so you do achieve your goals, make a lifestyle shift, and feel limitless we need to focus on the psychology behind what will make you successful. 

Our program will challenge you in new ways and show you that you are capable of so much more then you ever thought possible.  In order to keep making progress challenge is key for growth and development.  Your results and success is always our end result for any of our services.  We make being successful easier by holding you accountable, being with a motivated coach every session, and belonging to a thriving positive community.  At Get Fit Plus you are not in this alone you have the power of the Get Fit Plus community backing you up and supporting you every step of the way.  Everyone has their own journey to take on but coming together we will all experience success. 

Are you ready to feel empowered, confident, and limitless? We are waiting for you!

Dedicated to your success,

GFP Team

I’m hooked! I’ve been a GFP member for almost 2 years now. I was ask many times by my wife to try out a 2 week trial. My life has been changed in so many ways since I became a part of the GFP family. Our coaches are always pushing us to accomplish our goals & choose new ones. This past spring I accomplished my first OCR race. Warrior Dash was so much fun I signed up & completed Battlefrog, Tough Mudder, Vino & the Beast & soon my first half marathon Hillatious Half!  It’s so awesome to be able to complete these intense races & it’s all due to the great one on one training from our GFP coaches! Every class is different depending on which coach teaches. I love not having to go to a gym & think about what I need to work on today. Instead I simply show up & do as I’m asked by the coaches…..mindless just like I want it to be. GFP has truly changed my life for the better.

Thank You Lindsay, Justin & all GFP coaches!

I can’t wait to see WHAT races I will complete in 2017!!!

Scott Martin

Meet the

GFP Coaches

Our Purpose: We are not a gym, we are not a quick fix, and we are definitely not basic. At GFP, you will work hard, you will sweat, you will experience breakthroughs that empower you to live your life with passion.  Here, we are limitless, we are confident, we are a lifestyle.
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Lindsay is a little ball of energy. She strives to make sure our clients get in a great workout and really see their full potential. She has a...
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It’s all about the legs when it comes to our fierce little Amanda. You will learn to love squats in her classes. Her first passion is...
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Before starting at Get Fit Plus, I would start and stop every workout program in the book. Get Fit Plus' variety of classes, supportive staff and non judgemental philosophy has made me want to work out every day! Highly recommended!

Brian Reddington

I can't say how much I love the studio!!! I have tried so many different ways to get in shape and be healthier... I tried a lot of the beachbody programs, but got tired of the same things week in week out. I tried having a personal trainer... I felt like I had tried it all. UNTIL NOW! At Get Fit Plus you never do the same thing twice. The classes are always pushing you and keep you on your toes (no matter what shape you are in)... BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to do the two week trial and to join., I simply wish I had done it sooner!

Kristina Padelli

GFP is a safe and motivating place to challenge yourself physically as well as mentally. Justin and Lindsay run a great business, and all of the coaches are enthusiastic supporters of your individual goals.

Bill Dowling

Cannot say enough great things! As a new member I was welcomed with open arms. The classes are killer and tailored so that you can get the most out of each class for your personal fitness level. And of course, the instructors are AMAZING. They bring so much energy and positivity to each class. It is really an absolute pleasure to workout here!!

Alexa Dwyer

I love this gym! So positive and motivational. The classes are challenging and NEVER the same . The trainers are friendly, approachable, full of energy and never boring! The people who attend GFP are encouraging and always welcoming! I can honestly say I love it !

Jennifer Meglio

By far, the best decision I have ever made for myself! GFP is like no other. The owners and trainers are compassionate, informative, encouraging, and motivating! The minute you walk through the doors, you feel welcomed. The members are supportive friendly, and sometimes a little crazy I have been a gym person for most of my adult life....There has NEVER been a time that I felt as healthy and strong as I do now since starting GFP in June 2015

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" -Lisa


This place has helped me improve my life - my health - my mindset - and overall quality of life. I don't know where I'd be without the coaches or the other members

Emily Wilcox

GFP History


Get Fit Plus Opens

GFP was created back in July of 2009 with a hope to impact people in a big way.  At that time GFP had a small studio (and small is an understatement!), no capitol, and very limited equipment. None the less, I was certain Get Fit Plus was destined to change lives so with the help of some dedicated warriors, we made it work.


Expansion in Staff

Due to the increase of clientele, Get Fit Plus expanded its core number of staff. After a thorough and careful recruitment search, we were able to find ideal staff to service our clients. With these new team member acquisitions, Get Fit Plus was ready to meet the demands placed upon it due to an ever-expanding clientele.


Get Fit Plus Opens a Second Location

By 2013 we opened another location in Watertown, and this is where we started offering small group personalized training sessions.  We fought through the ups and downs over the couple of years that followed in order to reach our current location.


Get Fit Plus Truly Stepping into the Vision

With new facilities, Get Fit Plus was truly stepping into the vision I knew it was destined for.  As we move forward into the vision, our purpose is clear, to show people how to live an empowered confident life, and allow them to connect with who they really are.


Brand New Website

GFP’s continued growth warranted a complete overhaul and revamp of our website. We always try to support local business and GFP was able to find a web and graphic design company right here in Watertown. GFP’s new website launched in the Fall of 2016 and includes integration with MindBody, mobile friendly, map functionality and custom contact forms. We thank every Warrior for your feedback and suggestions.


Brand New Facility

We are beyond excited to announce that GFP has opened our dream facility which is now located at 120 Echo Lake Road, Suite 103E, Watertown, CT 06795. Photos of the new facility will be updated throughout the website by the first week of October…until then, please visit our Facebook and or Instagram page. Thank you Warriors!

Completed Classes & Achievements:
Suspension Boot Camps
Power Hours

1.  Mystic CT Half Marathon 4/11/14
2.  Portsmouth Half Marathon 9/21/12
3.  Hartford Half Marathon 8/04/16

4.  New York Half Marathon 5/29/16
5.  Providence Half Marathon 6/17/12
6.  Fenway Tough Mudder 2015

7.  Mystic CT Triathlon 7/01/15
8.  Tough Mudder 6/9/12
9.  NYC Marathon 7/22/16

10.  Newport RI Triathlon 7/01/15
11.  Chicago Marathon 6/9/12
12.  Shamrock Shuffle 2010>2016