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About Us

Hi There!

Thank you so much for checking us out, and we are proud of you for expressing interest to improve your health and fitness!

So, you want to learn more about us?  We would love to fill you in!

But, to start I am actually going to fill you in on what and who we are not first, sound good?

  • -We are not a regular gym where you are left to figure everything out on your own
  • -We are not a gym that collects your membership and hopes to never see you
  • -We are not a gym where nobody talks to each other
  • -We are not a gym with trainers just dictating and yelling at you
  • -We are not a gym that does the same boring workout over and over
  • -We are not a gym that doesn’t care about your success

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on what we are and how we can help you!

  • We are a transformation center that is here to guide you every step of the way.  At Get Fit Plus you are not on this journey alone. Our coaches and amazing community will be there to support you during the tough times to keep you moving forward.
  • We are a transformation center that actually wants to see you regularly! We have accountability systems set in place because we all fall off at times.  But, we will be right there to support you getting back on track. We love seeing your smiling face, especially after a powerful workout!
  • We are a transformation center where culture and community is everything!  Our warriors understand that the more we all give and support each other the more we receive in return.  That is what it’s all about! We are all here to make sure everyone wins!
  • We are a transformation center that has coaches that know how to elevate you and bring the best out of you every workout.  A coach is a mentor and a friend. Someone that truly understands you, and where you want to go. Then knows how to motivate and hold you accountable to achieving your goal.  Our coaches are the best at what they do, which is complete lifestyle transformations.
  • We are a transformation center that understands in order to keep your mind engaged we need to keep things fresh and fun! So, you will never have two workouts the same, EVER!  Our elite coaches are amazing at making this happen, and always challenging our warriors. That is why we constantly have members stay with us for 5+ years. Who wants to keep doing the same boring workout over and over? Not us!
  • We are a transformation center that actually cares about your success.  At the end of the day that is really our number one priority is making sure you are moving forward.  We will do everything we can to give you the best tools, knowledge, support, and anything else you will need to succeed.  This is why we take the time to get to know every warrior and their goals. We want to make sure you are set up for success.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then we are definitely on the same page!  Go ahead and click the link for our 30 day trial to book your strategy session. In the strategy session we will be able to go over your goals, explain our program, answer you questions and start building your plan to success!


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Some Awesome Facts About Get Fit Plus:

  • In July 2019 we will hit our milestone of 10 years of transformations!
  • We have now helped over 1,000 badass warriors transform their lives!
  • We have donated over $15,000 to different charities! (Giving back is a huge part of what we do)
  • We offer over 50 sessions per week to accommodate different schedules!\
  • All of our programming is original to Get FIt Plus, no cookie cutter programs here!
  • We offer everything from fitness, nutrition, mindset, and recovery!



Want To Hear From Some Of Our Warriors? Check Out The Videos Below!