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Get Fit Plus

Get Fit Plus is a transformation facility that focuses on lifestyle enhancements to help people live powerful confident lives.

What does that mean?

It means we put you first. We want to show you just how powerful you are, and what if feels like to live with confidence.  It means we are focused on exceeding your goals and needs. We will work with you through this journey realizing there will be tough times to go along with the wins.  But, through focusing on the positive habits to make this a true lifestyle you will never go back to feeling frustrated, alone, and just not happy with yourself.

Get Fit Plus was created with the vision of being apart of thousands of people’s journeys in living a healthy empowered life.  We want to show people fitness is not about how you look, or how hard you can work out. Fitness is about appreciating your body and understanding the better you take care of it, the more you will get out of life.  We look forward to continuing our mission to have a positive impact on people, and being apart of your health and fitness journey.

Dedicated to your success,

The Get Fit Plus Team

GFP History

I started Get Fit Plus back in 2009 with nothing but a few medicine balls, a stability ball, and some exercise tubes.  It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t have any fancy equipment or even a facility for that matter. All I cared about was delivering a quality service and seeing people’s lives changed in a positive way.  In the beginning I was a mobile training business going to my clients homes, and I had a couple businesses I ran boot camps for their employees.

After about 6 months of pushing the mobile training I was presented an opportunity from a local business owner to open up my first facility.  To this day I am forever grateful for him believing in me and see the potential of this business.

So, Get Fit Plus became a physical business! It may have just been 500 square feet but I didn’t care! I knew this was going to be able to help me provide an even better service to impact more people.   

After about 2 years of being in that space I wanted to be able to offer more.  Since at the time I was only doing private training. I then opened a 900 square foot studio which allowed Get Fit Plus to enter into the small group training service.  This was huge and now meant we could provide a service to help anyone.

We remained in this location for a little over 3 years till we made out first big jump to a 2,500 square foot facility.  In this facility we continued to expand out program and brought on more coaches to provide the best service.

If you can’t guess by now we didn’t stop there! After 2 years in that space we expanded to our current location of 6,000 square feet!  This facility has allowed us to push the level of our service even further. Now offering private training, small group, recovery systems, youth programs, and monthly workshops to educate our members to get the most out of our program.

This has been a wild ride and as we keep pushing forward to see our vision become a reality one thing will always remain the same.  At Get Fit Plus we put our warriors first. Everything we do is with the mindset of empowering people to take control of their life.

My wife Lindsay, our dog Tucker, the whole GFP team and myself look forward to serving you and being apart of your journey, and for you to be apart of ours.

Justin Hanover

Get Fit Plus Founder


Before starting at Get Fit Plus, I would start and stop every workout program in the book. Get Fit Plus' variety of classes, supportive staff and non judgemental philosophy has made me want to work out every day! Highly recommended!

Brian Reddington

I can't say how much I love the studio!!! I have tried so many different ways to get in shape and be healthier... I tried a lot of the beachbody programs, but got tired of the same things week in week out. I tried having a personal trainer... I felt like I had tried it all. UNTIL NOW! At Get Fit Plus you never do the same thing twice. The classes are always pushing you and keep you on your toes (no matter what shape you are in)... BEST DECISION I EVER MADE was to do the two week trial and to join., I simply wish I had done it sooner!

Kristina Padelli

GFP is a safe and motivating place to challenge yourself physically as well as mentally. Justin and Lindsay run a great business, and all of the coaches are enthusiastic supporters of your individual goals.

Bill Dowling

Cannot say enough great things! As a new member I was welcomed with open arms. The classes are killer and tailored so that you can get the most out of each class for your personal fitness level. And of course, the instructors are AMAZING. They bring so much energy and positivity to each class. It is really an absolute pleasure to workout here!!

Alexa Dwyer

I love this gym! So positive and motivational. The classes are challenging and NEVER the same . The trainers are friendly, approachable, full of energy and never boring! The people who attend GFP are encouraging and always welcoming! I can honestly say I love it !

Jennifer Meglio

By far, the best decision I have ever made for myself! GFP is like no other. The owners and trainers are compassionate, informative, encouraging, and motivating! The minute you walk through the doors, you feel welcomed. The members are supportive friendly, and sometimes a little crazy I have been a gym person for most of my adult life....There has NEVER been a time that I felt as healthy and strong as I do now since starting GFP in June 2015

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" -Lisa


This place has helped me improve my life - my health - my mindset - and overall quality of life. I don't know where I'd be without the coaches or the other members

Emily Wilcox