So, here we are a new week! This should be everyone’s favorite day of the week because it sets the tone for your progress and what you will accomplish this week. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for most people. Monday is feared, and often brings out anxiety in people on Sunday.😟
Why is that? There really are many factors that go into this, but I’m going to focus on one today. Which most people leave life to chance and do nothing to prime their mind and actually set themselves up for success. Then they wonder why everyday or every week they feel like they are being pulled in 10 different directions, and never really accomplishing anything. That stresses me out just writing that.
When you have zero clarity and no planning at all how do you know what you should be allowing time for? How do you know what to say no to? Exactly my point! You don’t!
Living like that is a race to the bottom. That is not living from an empowered standpoint. 💪
Me personally I believe this starts with the planning you do on Sunday! How do a lot of people spend their Sunday’s? Lounging around with no real focus, then all the sudden it’s 9pm and they are stressing about the next day. Stop that!
What you practice and how you live is a direct representation of what you are able to accomplish. So, what is a better way to go about it?
Set aside 2-3 hours on a Sunday to prepare for your upcoming week. If you have an issue with spending time on yourself well then that is a bigger issue. This 2-3 hours will give you confidence, peace, and focus each week. If that is not worth it to you then you really have to question what it is you want in life.
So, in those 2-3 hours write down your one BIG goal you want to achieve over the course of the week. Then the smaller goals you must do each day to lead to hitting that one big goal by the end of the week. From there schedule out your days. Literally by the hour. Your focus is the most valuable asset you have. Make sure what you are focusing on is allowing you to live a fulfilling life. What this will also do is allow you to know what you must say NO to doing. Getting so clear to the point you see what is not helping you and saying no is such an empowering feeling.
Putting yourself as a victim or a martyr is seriously not helping you, and will never lead to a happy life.
Once you have that planned out for the week, now spend a little time priming and growing your mind. Through reading, podcasts (mine is coming very soon,) inspiring movies, or having a conversation with someone that just lights you up!
What needs to stop is watching or being around negative influences. Watching negative shows or movies, being around negative people, even the news. Do you really think watching a horror movie on a Sunday night is really going to pump you up to have your best week?? Doesn’t matter if it is real or fake it has a negative effect on your mindset and emotions. Especially movies!! They understand human emotion and playing certain types of music, seeing certain things, or hearing certain words will bring out the emotional response they want from people viewing it.
Last night Lindsay and I watched (for the third time) The Greatest Showman. We were still able to enjoy a movie together, but we weren’t watching something that was going to affect our minds and mess with us going into a new week.
If you keep leaving your weeks to chance and never doing anything to build your mindset how can you ever expect to move forward? I’m seriously asking you. Growth does not just happen. It comes from focused intention backed by actions that are in alignment with where you want to go.
Take back your weeks and spend the time on yourself each Sunday. Your future self will thank you🤗



Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
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