Hope you are ready for another powerful week!🏋
Guess what though? It can only be powerful if you believe it can be powerful. The belief systems we have are what actually stop us from achieving more. Not our circumstances, as easy as it is to blame it on things like not having enough money, enough time, or no support that is never the issue. The bigger issue is you actually BELIEVE that those limiting beliefs are true.
This is why reality is subjective based on each individuals beliefs. This is why you can have two people with very similar backgrounds and status, and one achieves all their goals and the other doesn’t. It all comes down to belief.
So, if you are on your health and fitness journey, and you have a deep rooted belief that you don’t deserve to feel better or to be happy then you never will be. You will constantly sabotage yourself to make sure your reality is within your belief system.
How do we move past this? You must break your limiting beliefs to create new ones. In order to do that you have to realize you have limiting beliefs. This is why having a coach or mentor really helps with pointing out things that are not always obvious to us.
Breaking beliefs can be as simple as surrounding yourself with people that are constantly doing things you think are impossible. This is huge because over time this will alter what you think is possible and increase your capacity. But, most require more to break beliefs. It is really a combination to attack the old beliefs from all angles.
So first thing is having someone that you know will call you out every time you start showing signs of the limiting belief. To the point it becomes annoying!! This is crucial to waking you up to what your are really doing. Do NOT surround yourself with people that are too afraid to tell you the truth. That will only hold you back. Next being around those that are just absolutely killing it! You need to submerse yourself around people that are achieving what you thought to be impossible.
There is always someone out there that has it way tougher then you that is achieving more. Remember that, your situation is not special. The only difference between them is they made a choice to not be defined by their past limiting beliefs.
Lastly you need to create a new affirmation around the new belief system. This is something you should constantly be seeing and reciting to yourself to reinforce the belief.

An example of this would be:

Old belief- I don’t have time to workout anymore with everything I have going on.
New belief- I have time for everything I value and my health is something I value above everything else.
A bonus step! Keep educating yourself on mindset! The more you understand how your thoughts work the easier it is to address thoughts that are not serving you and the life you want to live!
Dedicated to your success,
Justin Hanover
P.S-Any thought you have that goes against what you want to achieve is a lie and an excuse. Don’t live a life based on the lies you tell yourself🤯
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