Do you know the power of community support can significantly assist you in achieving your goals and objectives? Well, setting your goals is very easy, but working towards achieving them, making changes in life and starting new habits is challenging. Long after starting something new wears off, you may still have some difficulties and a long way to go, particularly towards the fulfillment of your goals, or regularly doing something every single day. In this case, it may be tough for an individual. However, one of the perfect techniques to turn your overall ideas into an achieved goal, habit and lifestyle is to take it to the community. Making your entire self-improvement public, where every person including your family, friends, and world can see, help you in achieving more.


Let’s get to the point. Well, the power of community support can be efficiently applied to a six week workout program, especially when you and your colleagues want to achieve the best health benefits and build your body. Therefore, when performing a six week program, community support is a critical aspect. In fact, promising yourself that you are going to exercise or run every day is good, every person embraces that. However, the only person you are accountable to is yourself, and collective support can help you achieve your workout goal. If you manage to rationalize over willpower, mainly because of the community power, there go your goals- down the drain.


Also in the same case, when undertaking the six weeks program, there are many techniques that you can apply to encourage yourself to stay on the track. These may be either through keeping your objectives at the center and in front while you are still working on them or through the adoption various systems such as “Don’t Break The Chain” out of the community or collective power. Therefore, it is possible to visualize your entire progress and stick to it strictly. Furthermore, to enhance the outcome, it is wise to make your goals public. Publish them by sharing them with your family and friends or colleagues. Share your progress that you have put in place for your purposes, and the power of community will immediately change your minds and support your ideas.


According to research and studies on exercising, it was discovered that the overall outcome of an exercise or workout is exceptional and increases through public coaching, accountability, and community support. Therefore, by embracing the community support, progress sharing and coaching, you are accountable to a wide range or group of people who have your best interests and ideas in mind. In fact, once you choose to skip the six week workout program, you will be answerable to the public. Putting this in mind, you will never skip the program or give up training for your marathon.


You have discovered how “peer pressuring” yourself when working towards the achievement of your goals can be a dominant force. However, to many people, it may appear counterproductive. This is because they may not want to display their stumble and fail to their friends or family, but the power of community support during this time can be invaluable towards taking you back on the right track, mainly when you fail in a way that you even want to give up on your journey. You are ready to start, just get off on the right foot.


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