The patented Sequential Pulse Technology applied by the NormaTec typically sets apart from any other compression device for massage by synergistically combining the three different massage methods; Pulsing, Distal Release, and Gradient Hold. This speeds your body recovery process. In this case, the Pulsing actions of NormaTec’s recovery system mimic the muscle pumps of the legs or arms, which incredibly enhance the fluid movement and metabolites out of the limbs, particularly after intense application. In this post, you will get more details on the benefits of NormaTec recovery system and the reasons why you need to get yours.


Enhanced Blood Flow

The most important advantage of NormaTec Recovery System includes the enhanced blood circulation and dynamic compression that makes sure that blood and other bodily fluid leaves the limbs after an intense workout. In fact, this system is also designed with a distal release, which will ensure that there is no back-flow of the fluid. The dynamic compression is responsible for support, according to research.


Increased Flexibility

According to the reported research studies, the NormaTec Recovery System increases the flexibility and improves the rage-of-motion, particularly for the lower extremities which are experienced after intense workouts. As this system rises in popularity, it is being used by many people in a variety of settings. It is used by the CrossFit Athletes, Sports Team and runners due to the improved range of motion and flexibility.


Full-coverage Attachment

The NormaTec Recovery System arm attachment covers the entire shoulder and arm. It also features some overlapping zones that are responsible for the gapless compression, hassle-free integrated tubing, and high-quality nylon. The arm attachment is compatible with the NormaTec Pulse and Pulse Pro recovery system. These Pulse systems securely and comfortably snap into the NormaTec Hose and connect with an audible click, so you will always realize that you have made a perfect connection.


Incredible Control Unit

The NormaTec Recovery System comes with a control unit and various attachments, which extends to your legs, arms, or hips. They use a compressed air so that you can experience a comfortable massage in your limbs. It is responsible for mobilizing the fluid and fastening your injury recovery with their patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.


Why Use NormaTec Recovery System?

Well, the system typically assists you in maximizing your recovery, whether you are an athlete or non-athlete. Therefore, using its Sequential Pulse Technology, the NormaTec Recovery System synergistically integrates three different techniques of massage, with a primary aim of maximizing the normal recovery process of the body. These include the gradients, pulsing compression, and the distal release. In this case, through these outstanding mechanisms, the system improves the circulation of blood throughout the body and helps you appear better, recover faster, and of course, train harder.


Many fitness enthusiasts, leading athletes, and trainers all over the world use the NormaTec Technology nowadays. There are devices which attach to your arm, legs, and hips. The sophisticated system of NormaTec Technology effectively mimics your natural motions of the body parts, with the aim of removing metabolites as well as fluids from the limbs after any workout. Also, the pulsing movement is useful for the prevention of injuries and improves the recovery time.


Want To Try It Out For Yourself?

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