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We Specialize In Lifestyle Transformations That Allow People To Live Powerful Confident Lives

A proven program that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. We have helped over 500 people make life long transformations. Are you ready to make yours?

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"GET FIT PLUS IS WHERE IT'S AT!!! The trainers are awesome! They want to make sure you are getting the most out of their sessions, and they're NOT playing around. They are serious about getting you to a better you. They know you want to get the best out of the program and that's exactly what you're going to get...and it is individually set to fit your needs and goals."

- Octavia P.

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3 Pillars of Success



Our Get Fit Plus coaches work with you so they understand where you are and where you want to go will accelerate your progress.  Teaming up with a Get Fit Plus coach will make sure you are doing exactly what you need to achieve your goals.


It is one thing to have a plan, but another to actually do it consistently! Your coach will be checking in with you regularly and be your support system.  When we have no one to answer to it is way too easy to do nothing, and I know you get that!



Surrounding yourself with like minded people seeking to better their lives creates powerful lifestyle changes.  You will feed off of their energy and it is proven that a community of positivity pushes you further versus doing it by yourself.  Stop the struggle!
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What Makes Get Fit Plus So Different?

Get Fit Plus was created with the vision of being apart of thousands of people’s journeys in living a healthy empowered life.  We want to show people fitness is not about how you look, or how hard you can work out. It is about making it apart of your lifestyle.  Our approach starts with really getting to know you, your goals, and your needs.

"I’m pumped up for every workout the minute I walk through the door! The coaches push, motivate, and inspire—but most importantly, they instruct and check for proper form. Love every workout! Love the variety! Love the challenges!"

- Kristin W.

GFP Service Options:

All of our program options are original to us and we customize it to you! That is right this isn’t a cookie cutter program where you are forced to do workouts that don’t support your goals or needs.  We take the time to sit down with you learn what your goals are, see where you are starting, then set you up with the option that will lead you to success. We are about results, and we understand that is why you are coming to our facility to make sure you get results.

Warrior Team Training

The GFP team training program is our large group training program. We offer these sessions at peak times, and you can always count on powerful energy from these sessions. Each session one of our coaches will be guiding you the circuit, motivating you, and guiding you through the workout. These workouts are completely unique to Get Fit Plus and are designed to give you a complete training program with cardio, strength, and core conditioning..

Warrior Small Group Training

At Get Fit Plus, our small group training sessions are guided by one of our top level coaches to make sure every session is your best. Each workout is designed by the coach and based off of who is in each session and every time you come in, it is a new experience. All small group sessions are adaptable to every ability level from beginner to advanced! Our small group sessions max out at 16 and average around 10 which allows us to provide a highly effective program every time.

Warrior Semi-Private Training

A program completely tailored to you. You will be working exclusively with one of our coaches to focus on your specific goals and needs. You will have a powerful support system on your side. Just think how much progress you will make having a tailored plan to you, a coach keeping you accountable each week, and knowing you have a strong support system you can turn to during those tough times! This is the most effective program you can do to achieve your goals.

Massage & Recovery Program:

The Massage and recovery program offers powerful benefits focused on reducing the emotional and physical tolls associated with long-term stress. Massage therapy will improve physical fitness and reduce chronic pain.

Massage & Recovery Program

The Massage and recovery program offers powerful benefits focused on reducing the emotional and physical tolls associated with long-term stress. Massage therapy can help boost your immune system strength by increasing the activity level of the body’s natural “killer T cells”, which fights off viruses. Symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression are shown too positively improve. Massage therapy will improve physical fitness and reduce chronic pain.

“This has been a wild ride and as we keep pushing forward to see our vision become a reality one thing will always remain the same. At Get Fit Plus we put our warriors first. Everything we do is with the mindset of empowering people to take control of their life. My wife Lindsay, our dog Tucker, the whole GFP team and myself look forward to serving you and being apart of your journey, and for you to be apart of ours.”


Membership Options

At Get Fit Plus we believe in setting you up for success.  Which is why we offer different options that will fit your needs and goals.  We take the time to get to know you so we can set you up with the option that makes the most sense for you.

But, before we can do that we require all new warriors to book an orientation, then start with the 30 day trial.  This again will give us time to really see how you respond to our different training programs, and for you to see first hand what we offer.  From there we will be able to recommend the option that will provide you with maximum results.

Warrior Team Training

The team training membership gives you access to all our team training sessions. These are large group workouts done in a circuit form. Each workout is new and provides you with a complete program with strength, cardio, and core conditioning. If you love feeding off the energy of others you will love our team training program!

Warrior Small Group Training

Our small group training membership gives you access to all small group sessions. All our small group sessions are completely custom to GFP. These sessions max out at 16 people and average around 10. This membership gives you a more personalized service. Each workout will be adjusted to your ability level. We offer small group sessions 7 days per week.

Warrior Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private training membership is customized around you, your goals and is our most personalized service. It starts off with a fitness assessment with your coach to see what you current strength, cardio, and flexibility levels are. We then design your program to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Focus from your coach with 1-4 people per class.
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