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About GFP

Get Fit Plus is a unique lifestyle program that uses fitness, nutrition, and mindset training to truly allow you to experience breakthroughs. We do not focus on counting calories, weighing in, or any other society placed normality. We are humans not machines designed to only act or look a certain way. So we don’t believe in taking an approach that doesn’t allow you to fully step into who you are.

Everything we do is built around establishing a solid positive mindset and to live in a beautiful state of mind. In order to make that happen so you do achieve your goals, make a lifestyle shift, and feel limitless we need to focus on the psychology behind what will make you successful.

GFP Purpose

We are not a gym, we are not a quick fix, and we are definitely not basic. At GFP, you will work hard, you will sweat, you will experience breakthroughs that empower you to live your life with passion. Here, we are limitless, we are confident, we are a lifestyle.


“Before starting at Get Fit Plus, I would start and stop every workout program in the book. Get Fit Plus’ variety of classes, supportive staff and non judgemental philosophy has made me want to work out every day! Highly recommended!”

Brian Reddington


Top Level Coaching

Top level coaching to make sure you are working to your potential


Accountability to keep you focused on your health related goals


The GFP Community to surround yourself with positive motivated people


Challenging dynamic workouts to keep you engaged and moving forward


Life coaching to build a solid mindset so you achieve your goals and live the life you want


Nutrition coaching to make sure you are fueling your body as good as you are working it out

An Overview of

GFP Programs

Group Training

Our group training program is designed to work around you accommodating different ability levels from beginner to advanced.  Our group training is very dynamic and engaging.  What separates our group from other facilities is how well we adopt it to you, and every session is new.  You will never have two workouts the same.  This is what keeps it fun and challenging! So you keep on track with your progress.  Our group sessions are all original to Get Fit Plus as well.  You will not find our programs offered anywhere else.

GFP Private Training

Our personalized training program is designed to lay out your exact blueprint to achieve your goals.  You will be working with one of our coaches to design a program around your needs and goals.  This is perfect for anyone looking to maximize their time and accelerate your progress.  Time is crucial, so knowing what you are doing will get you where you want to go in the most effective way and it will change your life. Get Fit Plus coaches get the best out of you and take you places far beyond where you could go by yourself.

GFP Mastermind Program

Our Mastermind program was created to elevate your life.  Truly making a lifestyle shift isn’t just about how much you workout or what you eat.  It’s about what you have going on in your head.  Understanding the psychology behind what you do and don’t do and how you can be in the driver’s seat of your life is powerful.  This group covers different topics from health, psychology, communication, and financial.  We want you feeling like you are improving all areas of your life! This group meets once a month and through an online group.  We will also bring in guest speakers and go on outings that enhance what we discuss and get you experiencing life in a new way!

GFP Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program is a completely customized meal plan.  We will create a plan that is custom tailored to help meet your goals and needs.  Whether it is a plan focused on weight loss, performance or disease prevention, the GFP Nutrition Program can do it.  Will will provide you with shopping lists so all of the guesswork is eliminated and you will know what to eat and how much to eat based on your goals! If nutrition is a pain point for you, like most people, then this program will help you break the cycle of fad diets and actually set you up for lifelong success. The GFP Nutrition Program will provide you with an actual blueprint to help you achieve your goals!

“This place has helped me improve my life – my health – my mindset – and overall quality of life. I don’t know where I’d be without the coaches or the other members”

Emily Wilcox

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Get Fit Plus

At Get Fit Plus you are so much more then just a member here. Once you walk through those doors you become a part of a fitness movement, our Get Fit Plus Family.  Everyone has their own journey but together we all will experience success!

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